How we work

Agile Project Management

it product development process

Agile Software Development

In Mobile Reality we use all of these principles in our work process. Our process during projects has 5 steps and looks like this : First step : planning, vision, business, and analytical workshops with our client. Second step: development of backlog and product specification. Third step: implementation of UX/UI, programming and QA process. Fourth step: implementation on productions and publication of the platform to the world. Fifth step: feedback and planning of the next iteration of the product system to start.

data science machine learning process

Data Analytics Process

Data analytics is a process of analyzing raw datasets in order to derive a conclusion regarding the information they hold. Data analytics processes and techniques may use applications operating on machine learning algorithms, simulation, and automated systems.



React, Vue

Back-end & Cloud solutions

Node.JS, Nest, noSQL, SQL, Amazon Web Services


Android, iOS, React Native

Data Science

R, Amazon Web Services, Tableau, Joolia, SQL

Project Management Tools

JIRA, Confluence, BitBucket, Slack


Zeplin, AdobeXD, Photoshop, Illustrator, FluidIO, Figma


Form of cooperation

Time & Material

How does it work?

means that the contracted worker or team charges for the real work time. This form of cooperation allows for agile management of resources of the company, which carries out a given project.

When choose T&M

  • You realize that specification can change even after the project has already started

  • You seek flexibility and being able to react quickly to changing business need

  • You don't have a specified budget for the whole project

  • You prefer to verify and control the work of consultants on the go

  • You care about flexible management of resources in your IT division

Fixed Price

How does it work?

is a model that assumes stipulating beforehand a fixed price, as well as the scope and schedule of work. The responsibility for the whole project lies on the external company's side.

When choose Fixed Price

  • You know the full work scope and preferred deadline of the project execution

  • You want to be sure that you'll get the desired outcome for the money that you paid

  • You don't have time to control the work of consultants - you care about the outcome

  • The deadline of the project is fixed and you cannot cross it

  • You know what you want to get, but you prefer to leave the technicalities to professionals