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To help you become a champion in your business market, Mobile Reality experts will provide the required insights to help your NFTs vision make happen!

NFT Marketplaces

A marketplace dedicated to launching and trading Non Fungible Tokens is known as an NFT marketplace. Since these types of tokens can’t be traded on a regular crypto exchange, there’s an ardent need to create an NFT marketplace totally independent of other platforms. This can be done by creating a non-fungible token protocol in the blockchain network. Furthermore, the built-in smart contract in the marketplace enables the execution of all conditions.

    Smart contracts development

    The goal of a smart contract is to simplify trade and business between both identified and anonymous parties. A smart contract hard-codes trust into the system and eliminates the need for counterparties to execute their part of the agreement. It can help streamline transactions, reduce duplication and alleviate costs.

      Smart Contracts Snapshot

      Business-driven development

      Business-driven development goes further than the simple development of delivered requirements in that the implementing resource seeks to both completely understand the business side during the iterative gathering and implementation of requirements and drives to, once acquiring that information, improve business processes itself during the development of the actual solution.

        Business Driven Development Snapshot

        What Blockchain solutions deliver my business:

        We can help you with redesigning and developing your blockchain app, scaling your team, enhancing your UX, developing a DApp, creating a Smart Contract and much more.


        Blockchain technology produces a structure of data with inherent security qualities. It's based on principles of cryptography and decentralization.


        Decentralization ensures that the blockchain is not governed by an individual, group, or even the government.


        Blockchain network users have the ability to access holdings and transactions of public addresses using a block explorer used to search the blocks of a blockchain.

        Instant payments

        Blockchain technology lets you facilitate fast, secure, low-cost international payment processing services

        Quality that delivers

        We get all of the information about our client’s business and its market before starting the project to deliver an effective application. We don’t create mobile solutions but we solve non-standard business problems. We deliver a complex service like a booking system, calculator, or data accounting, for which standard solutions of popular applications are not suitable.

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