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Advantages of streaming software development solutions:


Using a simple file system navigation, users will be able to watch videos at the appropriate request.


The presence of such a function is what will allow you to evaluate the materials that users liked.


The streaming application will allow you to make drawings on the screen, add filters, emoticons, and show your creative ideas.


Thanks to this, many users can start a video broadcast at absolutely any desired time.

Live chat

Users can have discussions during broadcasts.

Industries that get the most profit from streaming solutions

Different industries may use streaming solutions to provide the best possible experience for their customers. Here are some examples of how it can be used.


The visual appeal of goods is very important in this industry. A demonstration of, say, luxury clothing details in real-time can be very alluring. A live-streamed launch of a new product is a great start. Retailers can enhance sales by enabling users to make purchases while watching live video streams.

Real Estate

Live streaming can be used to display properties to prospective buyers. Users may get info about the location, neighbors, insurance, taxes, etc., within a company’s app, without going anywhere.


Live video streams not only diversify business presentations. They reduce the distance between the seller and buyer. That’s especially valuable for businesses that do not engage with the public directly. Most B2B companies need a platform to provide online consultations or Q&A, share materials, and get an immediate response from the customers.


Live video streaming technology can facilitate patient support, education and training of interns, conferences with colleagues, interviews, presentations, etc.​

Quality that delivers

We get all of the information about our client’s business and its market before starting the project to deliver an effective application. We don’t create mobile solutions but we solve non-standard business problems. We deliver a complex service like a booking system, calculator, or data accounting, for which standard solutions of popular applications are not suitable.

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