Our cross-cutting experience

Get the profitable digital product meeting your unique requirements specific for your industry.

Our service lines

Having a 30+ talented professionals onboard, we’ve delivered over 50 digital projects throughout the world. We offer frontend and backend development, UX/UI design, app maintenance, business intelligence, data science services and product design workshops.

Real estate / prop-tech

The development of PropTech software implies the introduction of new technologies and innovations into the real estate market and getting the maximum return from them to maximize profits and effectively meet customer needs. Develop technologically advanced applications for the real estate and prop-tech industry.

Streaming solutions

Developing an independent streaming application or video hosting is necessary if you have a lot of video content and hosting on third-party platforms has become too expensive. It doesn't matter what you do, live webcasts, launching a platform with video tutorials or video-on-demand - developing your streaming platform will help you act independently.

Healthcare & Lifestyle

The transition of a medical institution and lifestyle to a digital format of interaction with patients has a number of significant advantages. That is why the features of the development of medical and lifestyle mobile applications are interesting to many companies working in this field.

Fintech & Banking

The development of mobile and web applications aimed at the B2C audience should be part of the plans of any bank or financial company in order to achieve a positive customer experience. And if it is no longer possible to keep customers with conventional financial applications then make them technological by adding the appropriate functions.

NFT & Blockchain

Custom enterprise blockchain consulting that triggers your business to grow. To help you become a champion in your business market, Mobile Reality experts will provide the required insights to help your business achieve new goals in its market.

Mobile Reality company is a valuable partner to work with for any company in search of professionals with vast expertise in the development and will to face new challenges while creating products for their clients.

Justyna Sznajder

Product Manager, Benefit Systems S.A.

Working with us

Thanks to our QA process you will get a crash-free app with robust code, and even before we begin developing your app, we organize a kick-off meeting where we define your role as a product owner.

If you choose us for your product development project, we will create a UX & UI design consistent with your brand, and adapted to the newest usability trends, and guidelines.

    Working With Team

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