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Be ahead of the game with an effective data management strategy, predictive analytics, and intelligent automation. Streamline your Data Analytics processes with our expertise in Big Data, BI, Data Science, Machine Learning, Cloud, DevOps, Security, and more.

Our process of generating value from data includes a number of phases:

Identify problem to solve
Capture data
Knowledge collection (ML)
Autonomous action (AI)

Methods of generating value from data

Most often, we carry out our analysis using the R or Python language as this is our preferred programming language for data analysis / machine learning. Only in the case of simulation modeling do we mainly use Julia. We are polish, eastern europe software company that delivers astonishing results. Outsource machine learning, data science, R&D initiatives to us is always excellent choice. Quality that matters.



Predictive modelling

We have most experience in predictive modelling. We carried out our biggest projects so far in this particular field. They involved:

Customer attrition modelling (Churn)

- finance industry (data volume (around several millions observations) - ongoing project

Bookmaker risk analysis (around several millions observations)

- During these projects, we applied different algorithms, such as: random forests, neural networks, logistic regression, Stochastic Gradient Boosting and Support Vector Machines, among others.

Default probability for Structural Credit Risk

- finance industry (data volume (around several millions observations) - ongoing project



We have run clustering analysis mostly in retail trade and construction industries. We looked for the optimal division on uniform groups of clients, products and vendors. We usually used K-means and K-medoids algorithms, as well as hierarchical clustering. The analyses were carried out on data sets of up to a couple thousand observations.


Association analysis

We carried out three such projects in the retail business. The scope of analysis involved data set up to a couple thousand observations.


Simulation modelling

We made a model that ensured the optimization of processes and costs in face of uncertainty. It was a project for a manufacturing company, which had limited knowledge on future values of the parameters. In order to optimize the operations, it required running estimations on the basis of multiple simulations. The data set involved several million observations.


Text mining

An example of a text mining project involved supplying the data to unfinished sets and correcting incorrect strings on the basis of an available dictionary of possible values. The project was carried out in the pharmaceutical industry. The data sets involved up to several-dozen of thousands of observations.

Analysis of your data

Show us your data and i will tell you how to monetize them. Methodology - We will adjust the technology and methods to your business needs.

Our services

Data Science

Predict your customer needs, prevent risks, offer a sought-after product and personalize users experience - all this with our Data Science services. This is a tool that will make your work easier and more productive, and help you reach a new level.

Business Intelligence

Uncover previously unnoticed patterns hiding in your data and turn your data into meaningful insights. We offer our expertise and BI services to develop custom software or to modernize your company’s existing analytics platforms.

Artificial Intelligence

We develop and implement information systems using artificial intelligence, deep learning and neural networks. AI technologies expand business opportunities, increase labor productivity and provide a starting point for a new round of development.

Machine Learning

Our machine learning experts will reveal hidden characteristics and forecast your client’s behaviour. We promote cultural change to help your employees use data and artificial intelligence to ensure continuous innovation and growth.

Data Warehousing

Data warehousing services help businesses grow and scale. Whether your company works in retail, healthcare or finances, data warehousing can yield several benefits for your business.

Cloud (Amazon Web Service Experts)

Let our AWS specialists help to move your business to cloud and gain more flexibility, efficiency, productivity and scalability, as well as lower costs compared to typical IT infrastructures.

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