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Aneta Wodarz
Aneta Wodarz

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6th birthday of the Mobile Reality team

Every year, March is a special month for Mobile Reality. First of all, spring is starting in Europe, and we’re also celebrating our company's birthday. In 2022, we celebrated a very special birthday, already the sixth. Pretty awesome! We have just 6amazing years on the market. 6 yearsfull of challenges, successes and failures, and valuable learning. During this time, we experienced so many emotions, met so many interesting people, traveled the world at many conferences and networking meetings, and established cooperation with the best clients around the world. Can we dream of something else? Yeees! We have many dreams, but most of all, we want to further develop our company and run it in such a way that our employees can develop with us, and customers from all over the world are satisfied.

6 years of existence on the market is an opportunity to summarize, including organizing a huge team event, but before we tell you about our annual event, we first want to share with you our summary of these 6 intense years. During this time, we have collected quite a lot of valuable lessons, so now feel free to read our summary.

What are we proud of?

  • For 6 years, we have managed to create a stable team of cool and creative people who are important to each other, want to spend their free time together, and willingly support each other in achieving common goals. When we started our company with 4 people, we didn't expect that we would grow to a team of 30 people, and our current demand is already 40-50 people. We’re excited about this fact and already starting to plan processes to be able to manage such a team of people as efficiently as possible.

MR Team 6th birthday
  • In one of the previous blog articles, we already wrote about it, but we can certainly boast that we have managed to create a nice and friendly atmosphere in the #MRTeam, where everyone can feel themselves and work as and when they want. We respect everyone, regardless of their opinion, we show each other this respect and we’re glad that such people join #MRTeam. Do we have protips for it? It’s very simple. We just had to think about the values of the owners and what values we would like to show our employees. Then we had to think about what to do to attract people who share the same values to the Mobile Reality. And… we managed it 100%. We’re glad that Mobile Reality is a team that shares the same values in personal life and work. We’ve described our organizational culture and values here in our culture book. 

MR Culture Book
  • From the very beginning, we have a clear vision of Mobile Reality path. We know the direction we want to develop it and we implement our strategy effectively. There are, of course, minor problems, but fortunately, we manage to get back on the right path of our plan every time. Because of this strategy, we are able to keep up with the changing market and provide our clients with the best possible products and services.

MR in NY
  • We learned that we can do a lot alone, but in a group, we can achieve even more. For this reason, we are members of several associations, such as SODA, Creative Brains. That means that we have access to the knowledge of practitioners from a similar industry, we can advise and exchange knowledge and, above all, support each other. Our activities allow us to achieve a lot and we could probably do the same alone, but it would take much more time. 

MR in Gitex
  • We employ the best Project Managers and developers, and that's why our projects are of the highest quality. We strongly believe that only the right leadership and ownership allow our project teams to be effective and achieve our clients' goals. Our developers know that they can go to the Project Manager with each case and they will always be listened to. All this is related to the quality of our services, which is the most important factor determining Mobile Reality development.

MR Team Project Manager
  • More and more often we undertake new projects, e.g. with NFT/Blockchain, and our range of services is wider and more interesting. 

  • We are simply happy about our successes. We try to find an opportunity to celebrate every success of the company or #MRTeam. We don’t focus on failures, but only learn from them valuable lessons and knowledge for the future.

MR Birthday party

What were our biggest failures?

  • We wrote above that our success is we have a stable, non-rotating team, but it’s obvious that in the last 6 years someone decided to leave us or we had to fire someone. This is normal and simply unavoidable. There have always been great people on our team so it’s a huge loss for the company. Despite this, we are sure that cooperation with us is a valuable experience both for our employees and for everyone else on the team. Usually, we manage to stay in touch with these people, and sometimes even years later we return to cooperation. I think we can be proud of it because it means that people just want to come back to the Mobile Reality.

  • We still have to work on introducing organizational structures and procedures, because the work will be faster, and more effective and we will be able to focus on the most important tasks. There are still many things to improve, but we are constantly working to be better at what we do and to make our work easier.

What about the future?

There are many exciting things ahead of us and we are already looking forward to the future. Everything is possible with a team like #MRTeam. Would you like to join us? Check our job offers: https://mobilereality.pl/en/careers We are waiting for you!

MR Career

Mhmmm… that's it for the summary of 6 years of Mobile Reality. However, as we wrote earlier, March was not only a time for summaries, but also for fun and an opportunity to meet almost all of #MRTeam. What have we done? We invited the team to Warsaw, organized another photoshoot, had fun in Tepfactor, and finally went to the restaurant for dinner, where we spent the rest of the evening. A great time with the people we like the most. Unfortunately, not everyone could come to the capital, but there are still many more opportunities to meet in the future. #MRTeam we are waiting with you for more! 

MR 6th Bithday Team Game

Matt Sadowski / CEO of Mobile Reality
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