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6 powerful React libraries to try in 2021

Using the right libraries to optimize the workflow is the key to success. Here are the top libraries for React in 2021.

All the packages that I write below have more than 10,000+ stars on Github.


A great alternative for the Select component in React.js.

This library is our first choice when it comes to selects in projects. Everyone in the industry knows selects should be simple but the reality is different. The flexibility of this solution helps achieve great selects in your UI.

Distinctive features:

  • flexible approach to data with customizable functions;

  • extensible API with Emotion — JS-library designed for writing CSS styles;

  • implementing components via the API for full control over the behavior of the UI;

  • about action groups, portal support, animation, and much more.

To install:

npm i react-select


2. react-dnd

Cool Drag&Drop for React.

A set of utilities that allow you to create complex drag-and-drop interfaces while maintaining the unbinding of components.

Really helpful if you need to implement lists where dragging and dropping items are part of proper UX.

Distinctive features:

  • ideal for applications such as Trello and Storify, where drag and drop is responsible for transferring data between different parts of the application;

  • built on top of Drag&DropHTML5;

  • React DnD uses data, not view.

To install:

npm i react-dnd


3. react-content-loader

A set of components for easy creation of skeleton loadings (like uploading a map to Facebook).

Distinctive features:

  • Plug and play: Comes with a lot of presets to use.

  • DIY: you can use this software to create your own loaders.

  • React Native support: the same API with the same powerful features.

  • Lightweight: less than 2 KB and 0 dependencies for the web version.

To install:

npm i react-content-loader


4. react-threesixty

React 360 helps to create fascinating VR pieces with the help of React, which are distributed to desktop computers, mobile and VR devices.

Also, some time ago it was very popular in Facebook timelines where you could find a lot of posts with pictures with 360 angle.

Distinctive features:

  • simplifies the creation of complex 360 and VR user interfaces.

To install:

npm i react-threesixty


5. React-helmet

A reusable React component was created to manage all changes to the document header. Accepts and outputs simple HTML tags-very simple and React-friendly.

Distinctive features:

  • support for all valid tags: title, base, meta, link, etc. ;

  • support for server-side rendering;

  • nested components override repeated header changes.

To install:

npm i react-helmet


6. antd

An enterprise-class UI design language and React UI library.

Distinctive features:

  • Written in TypeScript with predictable static types.

  • A whole package of design resources and development tools.

  • Powerful theme customization in every detail.

To Install:

npm i antd


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