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Aneta Wodarz
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3 main reasons why you should send your employee on vacation

Half of the holidays are behind us and many companies are slowing down their business activities, only catching up on business and organizational backlogs… Employees use perfect weather for their long-awaited holidays and trips… Holidays seem to be a great time for employees and employers alike, but organizing this time on both sides can be problematic. Why? Employees need a vacation - they just want to rest, and employers often don’t know how to use the potential of relaxed employees, seeing the vacation as only an obstacle to the efficient and smooth implementation of projects during summer. Usually, the only way out of this situation is to change the organization of projects, and the employers themselves, unfortunately, don’t realize that each employee's day off is actually an additional value that this person will bring to work, and ultimately it will affect the development not only this person but also the entire company.

Why is it worth sending your employees on vacation?

  • First, a well-rested and relaxed employee usually has much more energy to be active at work. After returning from vacation, she/he will be more motivated to work and more willing to take on new, interesting challenges. After resting, her/his thoughts will be focused only on tasks, and the process of returning to daily duties will be much easier and more pleasant. For employees who have just returned from vacation, it is worth providing new challenges that will make their motivation grow day by day. However, suppose we don’t have the opportunity to provide completely new challenges. In that case, it is worth considering whether we can introduce something new and exciting in terms of existing tasks, which will help maintain motivation at the same level and will not allow the employee to return to a decline in well-being and motivation.

  • When we go on vacation, or even sometimes go on “vacation with Netflix”, we can calm down, free our thoughts, and indulge in thoughts that are incredibly creative and change our perspective on certain things. After just a few days of vacation, an employee can come back with a lot of interesting and creative ideas that would not have to happen in everyday duties and tasks. Sometimes of course it comes with revolutionary changes and ideas that turn things upside down, but isn't that what growing a global company is all about?

  • Your employee will simply be more satisfied with her/his life, and it will allow her/him to maintain the work-life balance at the appropriate level. We all know well that fulfillment and satisfaction in private life also have a very strong influence on professional life. For both the employer and the employee, the days off are simply valuable and necessary. It’s in the interest of employers that their employees take days off, rest and feel cared for because a satisfied employee is more loyal. A loyal employee means less rotation in the company and the opportunity to build a future with the best people in the industry. Do you want your employee to trust the company and be more connected with it? Send them on vacation exactly when they need it the most.

The vacation season continues, but what can we do to keep the employee's positive motivation even after the vacation ends? First, let your employees still be able to maintain an appropriate work-life balance by organizing their working time so that they never have to work in the afternoon or on weekends. Let them just recover when the time is right. What else? Allow them to have flexible working hours that will be in line with their actual needs and possibilities, but don’t forget about the flexibility in planning holidays. Are you sure that all leaves must be reported at the beginning of the year, and that each change requires a decision-making process? Maybe you can somehow make it easier for employees with appropriate rules and allow them to take days off when they need it most?

Start these small changes in your team today, and you will soon notice an increase in your team's satisfaction, and thus you will notice an increase in the efficiency and effectiveness of working on projects. However, if you don’t have your own team, and you are just looking for a job that will take care of your wellbeing, check who we are looking for here and join us today! We are waiting for you!

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